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Shanghai Horizon enterprise development group co., LTD is a comprehensive modern material supply enterprise, covering quartz stone and equipment research and development, quartz stone production, quartz stone sales, quartz stone products deep processing and other fields. Over the years, the group has always been adhering to the enterprise spirit of "from nature to ingenuity", pay attention to the scientific research and innovation of production equipment and plate technology, deepen the industrial layout, further cultivate the domestic market and explore the foreign market, integrate the wisdom of colleagues, seek common development, enter the "non-competition state" half step ahead of time.

In products and equipment research and development, to fully grasp the domestic and international market demand, product characteristic, the front-end technology and industry standards, the group set up r&d center, has dominated by doctor, master technology research and development team, including high-end equipment design, electrical control, many fields such as industrial control software engineer, in the field of quartz plate production, deep processing of high-end equipment, technology has made breakthrough progress. Subsoil in artificial quartz industry at the same time, the group independent research and development type quartz plate equipment and new product research and development, actively participate in formulate industry standards, model research and development of quartz sheet (plate) intelligent production line use 60% less than traditional methods of production, the production of quartz plate all the indexes passed similar products at home and abroad.

On the production side, the group has a domestic and export, intelligent production three stone stone plate production base, large quartz is a leading domestic, international advanced production equipment, annual output of various types of quartz plate of nearly 20 million ㎡, can satisfy different specifications and design and color customization, quartz industry at home and abroad is one of the few large plate supplier. Our products are in short supply in Europe, America, southeast Asia, Japan and all over the world.

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Build Hefeng Group into a first-rate stone enterprise with social satisfaction, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, high-quality products, excellent performance, excellent employees, and core competitiveness.
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